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5 Winter car care tips for Mercedes owners

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Let us guess: you have finally gone ahead and made that important investment, and bought yourself the car you’ve always wanted – a Mercedes-Benz. Congratulations! Now, you’re probably wondering, what with winter fast approaching, and temperatures set to drop real low, how you’re going to keep your car in mint condition. Don’t worry, because that is exactly what we are here for. Here are five simple and essential tips and tricks to tide you and your Mercedes over this bone-chilling winter:

  1. Defrost Your Car

Winter is a difficult time for both the car and its driver, and it is important, during these few months, to ensure the safety of the vehicle as well as its passengers. The easiest way to ensure this is to drive at a slow, steady and careful pace, so as to prevent the tires from skidding on snow or slush, and thereby avoiding the possibility of an accident.

However, merely driving safe may not be enough. And since it is best not to take any risks in a season as treacherous and unreliable as winter, always remember to defrost your car completely before you take it out on a drive. Yes, this is an obvious tip – but perhaps too obvious, which is why this is a factor many car owners and drivers end up neglecting. Before you take your car out on the road, for however short or long a time, ensure that it has completely defrosted, and that visibility from your vehicle is at a hundred percent.

In order to ensure full visibility at all times, make sure to clean your headlights, windscreen, and windows regularly.

  1. Use Antifreeze

It is important in very cold weather to fill up your car’s cooling system with antifreeze. Make sure that this is a tip you do not neglect, because it is absolutely crucial to the safety and maintenance of your car in winter. This will ensure that the cooling system stays in perfect shape despite the drop in temperature, and other associated problems that winter brings with it.

Check up on the amount of antifreeze on a regular basis, and always keep the level topped up. This will not just prevent the cooling system from freezing over and keep it in perfect condition for warmer weather, when you will need it to function smoothly, but it will also keep complications arising from this single problem at bay.

  1. Use Genuine Winter Tires and Wheels

The best way to keep your car tires functioning at their full capacity in winter is to use genuine winter Mercedes wheels from Mercedes-Benz. Usually, car tires begin to harden at about 7 degrees Celsius, so winter tires are designed in such a manner as to withstand even the worst temperatures.

To ensure maximum safety in hazardous winter conditions, including torrential rain, snow, and ice, switch to Winter Tires and Wheels. These tires are made using a special natural rubber compound that remains soft and elastic in even the most difficult weather conditions, allowing them to grip the road better and shorten braking distances in low temperatures. In addition, they feature a tread system of wide grooves, which are designed for the express purpose of providing better traction in the sludge and slush of winter roads.

It is important, also, to get your tires regularly checked by experts – especially, it goes without saying, if at any time you suspect that they might not be functioning to their full capacity.

  1. Test the Battery

Winter takes a toll on all parts of your Mercedes – and the battery is no exception. During winter, your car’s battery can lose a significant percentage of its power due to the pressure created on it by frost and low temperatures. In order to maintain full power and ensure good battery performance, check it on a regular basis. And most importantly, keep it adequately charged and well-maintained.

This will reduce your problems by half, because if your batter or engine is running smoothly, you can rest assured that your car will function well on the whole. And maintaining this one thing properly and with regularity will allow you to focus your energies on keeping all the other important aspects of your car well-balanced as well.

  1. Schedule a Tune-Up

This is perhaps the most important point to keep in mind as winter approaches. Before the cold and frost sets in, schedule a tune-up for your car with your local, reliable Mercedes-Benz experts. This will not only serve as a much-needed regular check up for your vehicle, but, more importantly, it will ensure that your car is in pristine condition for winter, both internally and externally.

Why let the winter take down your Merc’s performance? With the help of these tips, you can ensure that your car looks perfect and works smoothly this winter. Try them out this season, and see the difference they make.


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The automatic braking system will be the new ABS

Category : Auto & Motor


Electronic systems and technology in general do not stop to evolve rapidly. Although there have been cases where some technologies have been used for evil, the truth is that cases are minor and really provide us with our daily lives.

We know that technology helps us in many tasks but we will focus on vehicles, which is what usually try our lines. Cars plus motorcycles, trucks and buses, have taken a huge leap in safety concerns in the past two decades; both active safety and passive safety.

One of the main systems of active safety of our cars is ABS. In case of having to make hard braking, or not so strong when the surface is slippery, it prevents the wheels from locking, reducing the braking force at each wheel independently. Thanks to the ABS and brake without locking your tires, the car will stop completely long before and also allow us to maintain control over the management. If you do not have ABS and block the wheels, even if we turn the steering wheel the direction will not obey our orders. If you are thinking to replace your car wheels then see the Cadillac Escalade wheels by USARIM.

The ABS system was released in the late 70s with the Mercedes Class S. Its success made it spread by models of all segments, being practically normal in most vehicles in the late 90. The authorities saw the great plus security of this system, making it mandatory in Europe for all new passenger cars in 2003. According to Bosch, the manufacturer who invented it, the ABS can prevent up to 10% of traffic accidents.

Luckily, technology and electronics have continued to improve and managers to develop new systems have been able to innovate and exploit their benefits in terms of road safety. One of the active safety systems launched in recent years more effective, and that could be compared with the ABS, is the system of automatic braking. As in many other systems, each brand calls it the way he likes, so you can find multiple names.

It is intended primarily for city intervention, although different manufacturers are improving it. At first, only acting below 30 km/h not always guaranteed. Now, many vehicles are now able to also detect pedestrians, also increasing the operating speed range. They still do not guarantee 100% that we will not reach the vehicle or pedestrian in front of us (although they usually get), but if not completely stop the vehicle if you slow down considerably, so the damage are also much lower.

Thanks to proximity radars on the front, the system detects if we approach any object that, if we do not react in a short time, will crash. Generally, first usually throw some warning sound as intermittent beep high frequency plus a warning light in the picture. If the driver does not react and continue approaching the object, this act via autonomously braking system stopping vehicle alone. As mentioned, in most cases able to avoid the crash and, if he fails, at least considerably reduces damage.

According to a study conducted by Bosch in Spain, if all vehicles in our fleet had counted on this automatic braking, in 2014, they could have prevented 20% of accidents and 14% of fatal accidents. In addition, they had saved 16% of the fatalities in traffic accidents would be reduced by 14% for these cause hospitalizations and 25% of minor injuries.

In the US the automatic braking, which is also called as “AEB” for its acronym in Anglo – Saxon language (Advanced Emergency Braking System), will be fully mandatory for new vehicles sold from 2022. In the European Union also aims in the medium term mandatory, although there is still no exact date. However, virtually any new tourism today can equip, although few of them is standard. The price of automatic braking is usually between 300 and 500 Euros but, unfortunately, only usually available in higher levels of finish.

Does it come out profitable this system? I think no need or respond. If we bought a high – end car or tourism “heap” well equipped, $500 is a minimum amount if we consider that a “dumb blow” without physical consequences usually longer assume break a bumper or a lighthouse, which cost much but this system . In addition, we can avoid much stronger clashes in which both cars can be much damaged and, of course, save lives of people (drivers, passengers and pedestrians).

As mentioned above, it appears that the system will become mandatory in all new vehicles in much of the world. This will lead to the system price will be much cheaper for its generalization. The answer to the title question of this article is more than resolved: yes, automatic braking will be the new vehicle ABS.

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Smart Ways To Make Your Car More Environmentally Friendly

Category : Auto & Motor

When we think of cars, we sometimes think of large machines that require fossil fuels and create fumes. While it’s true that the cars of the past were inherently environmentally unfriendly, it’s completely possible in this day and age to own a vehicle that is incredibly friendly to the earth and the ozone layer. Here are some smart ways that you can make your car environmentally friendly to do your part in preserving our planet.

Get Your Car Regularly Tested

Plenty of people who mean well will erroneously drive a car that is hurting our environment. This can be avoided by having your car regularly tested to determine if its producing more harmful emissions than what’s necessary. Responsibly car owners have their cars checked annually, even if they think that everything is alright.

Use Engine Filters

Engine filters ensure that your car’s engine is running cleanly and not damaging the environment. You should replace your car’s engine filter regularly to make sure that it is in perfect operating order. Check out some local Donaldson filter dealers if you need more information about how you can improve your car’s engine’s filtration.

Treat Issues As Soon As They Happen

When a car isn’t running the way that it is supposed to, it can leak chemicals and release toxic emissions. If you have an issue with your muffler or any other part of your automobile, have it checked out and fixed as soon as possible. Not only does treating the issue immediately reduce the risk your car poses against the environment, but it also reduces your risk of having to pay more because the problem got worse over time.

Part of being a responsible car owner is ensuring that your car isn’t hurting the planet. Modern cars are made to be as environmentally friendly as possible. However, even in new cars, things can go wrong. Have your car checked regularly and use smart technology to ensure that your car is not harming the environment. If we all do our part, we can reduce the risks that face our planet due to pollution and modern technology.

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How to Avoid Common Car Insurance Claim Problems

Category : Auto & Motor

When people purchase car insurance, they usually expect claim settlements to go over smoothly. While it is true that car insurance companies are entitled to settle damages for you and your car, the process is not as easy as 1-2-3.It is long and sometimes tedious. If not handled properly, a claim can even be denied.

In order for you to be prepared in facing unwanted problems with regards your car insurance claims, you must be aware of them. It is much better if you know how to quickly take care of the problems or avoid them altogether.

Here are common care insurance claim problems and tips on how you should face them:

  1. You don’t know what to do.

While many people purchase auto insurance, only are few are informed on what to do during the time they need to make claims. Therefore, they end up paying for an insurance they have not used.

Read your car insurance policy and ask the holders relevant questions so you will save time and effort when the time comes. It’s also advisable that you visit reliable sites, like comparaencasa.com, to view the procedures you need to undergo. Avoid relying on the insurer as they may lead you into paying more.

  1. The process is taking too long.

There is no specified length of the process in claiming settlements. In fact, it depends on the insurance company. When the process is taking too long, it may be because problems have arisen along the way.

If you want to avoid time-consuming process, report directly to your car insurance company once you wish to make a claim. The longer you make your report, the longer it will take for policy holders to track their insurers and deal with the issue.

  1. The information you gathered is insufficient.

Even if the car insurer wants to settle your claim quickly, they can’t do it if you fail to provide the information they need. It’ll be easier if you have documented the details about the accident properly.

Right after you’re involved in a car accident, exchange information with the other driver. Get his name, driver’s license, proof of insurance, vehicle registration and describe how the accident happened and how many people are involved. Take pictures of the damage done. If it’s possible, secure a police report.

  1. You don’t have enough money to pay for deductibles.

In an effort to save money, people often increase their deductibles and end up not being able to pay the amount when they encounter an accident. If you have failed to purchase sufficient coverage for your insurance, there is nothing you can do when you make a claim.

Before you purchase car insurance, try to imagine the worst thing that could happen and do your best to cover them. Choose a deductible that is affordable for you. If you want to save, there are other ways to do it. Browse reliable sites like comparaencasa.com to know how.

  1. The insurance claim is denied.

When an insurance claim is denied, it is usually because you have overlooked some things including: unpurchased insurance for the claim you submitted, missed payment for the coverage to take effect, and exceeding of the policy limit.

If you feel that you have not made any of the mistakes stated above, then you should write to the insurance company. If you feel that you were misled by an ambiguous policy terms, you may need to discuss the problem with your lawyer.



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Truck Driver Safety Tips

Category : Auto Repair

Every driver, from commercial long and short distance drivers to owner-operators , could use a little help staying out of harm’s way while on the road.  When you’re out making your deliveries and hauling your loads, consider the following safety tips.

  • Do not tailgate under any condition. It can be frustrating to get stuck behind a slow driver, but tailgating just opens you up to an accident.
  • Signal early for turns so motorists have time to react and change lanes if need be. Same goes for lane changes; make sure people have time to get out of the way.
  • With so many blind spots on big semi-trucks, check your side mirrors often and do not change lanes unnecessarily.
  • Give your truck ample time and space when slowing down for a complete stop. Use brake lights early.
  • If you must idle the truck, open the windows so fresh air can get in the cab and fumes do not build up.
  • When pulled over on the road because of mechanical problems, always use your safety flashers, reflective triangles, and or flares to alert approaching vehicles of your location.
  • Keep your fuel tank as full as possible so condensation does not build in the tank during extreme temperatures.
  • Maintain safe distances between other vehicles on the road at all times, and allow for extra room when driving in rain or snow.
  • Slow down in work zones and be extra cautious. Almost a third of all accidents involving semi-trucks involve a construction or road work area in some way.
  • Take plenty of driving breaks, take power naps as needed, and never drive if you are tired.

Strictly adhere to the limitations on driver hours. By law you cannot exceed 11 continuous hours of driving.  Violating this law could end your trucking career immediately.

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Why auto window tinting is a must?

Category : Automobile

Window tints are a fashion statement. Gone are those days when they used to be incorporated into cars especially for functional reasons. Today, they are so much more associated with style than with function. They are especially popular among the youth. And young people love them more than any other kind of auto customization.

There are two ways in which you can look at the process of auto window tinting. The first way is that of a boon. The second obviously is a curse because many states have prohibitions on the amount of tinting one can get applied on their windows. Auto window tinting is a rage these days. A lot of people, especially those who love to customize car parts, have taken to this trend with great enthusiasm. One thing that makes car window tinting an out-and-out auto part customization trend is its affordability. Also, it’s not a very complicated process that would take an enormous amount of time.

There are innumerable reasons why you should get your car windows tinted. However, the most important reason is that it checks about 79% of the outside heat. As a result, you can have a comfortable ride, especially when traveling with small kids who can’t stand long rides on scorching summer days.

Another reason why people go for this auto customization trend is that it blocks almost all ultraviolet rays. If you are a health conscious person then you undoubtedly loathe UV rays. You know how harmful they are and how important it is to keep away from them, even when you are travelling. Window tinting offers you that much needed relief from UV radiation concerns.

Also, it creates a private space for you inside your car. So, even if you have valuables inside, they won’t be visible to thieves and other miscreants. Hence, a lot of people consider window tinting a safety measure which should invariably be adopted by car owners. Although, window tints are adorable, you shouldn’t opt for them randomly. You should pay due attention to the laws prevalent in your state that regulate tinting provisions.

The reason why state governments are so strict with tinting is because there had been serious cases in the past where window tinting was misused in unbelievable ways. Although, you might want to follow your style statement, it’s best not to do so if it violates state laws. This way, you will not end up spending lots of cash in the form of fine.

Also, make sure the tint is of the same shade on all the four windows. Any lack in uniformity will make the appearance of your car go awry. Putting a shade matching the color of your car will offer it personality. If you love your car, then there is certainly no reason why you shouldn’t get its windows tinted. For satisfactory service, you can browse through http://diamondautowindowtinting.com/. One thing that you must, however, be careful about is that the tinting film might get damaged if you turn your windows down when it is still wet.


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4 Ways How To Send Summer Off with a Bang from the Driver Seat

Category : Auto & Motor

Summer is coming to an end and before you know it, it will be 2017 and we won’t know what hit us. Don’t get caught off guard and make the best of the remaining days of summer. Before you start you back to school shopping, and cleaning up before the fall, get out a few more times and enjoy the weather. Here are four great ideas to go out and enjoy the sun before it’s just a little too late.

  1. Put the Top Down

If you are lucky enough to own a convertible, you know the feeling of putting the top down and simply going for a drive. There are few feelings comparable. If you don’t have the luxury of owning a convertible, consider renting one for the day. When the sun is out and the weather is nice, you can cruise for hours with no destination in mind. Keep in mind the gas prices, but the feeling sure is worth it in the end.

  1. Change Up Your Scenery

If you live in the city, put the family in the car and just drive away. You may have a destination in mind already or you can make a game out of it, going everywhere by chance. Once you are out of the city, look for cool parks or places you could spend the day. Bring along a picnic and some games and just enjoy the tranquility of being away. If you already live away, consider going into town and doing the convertible thing.

  1. Miniaturize It

This one is great for those with families. Find somewhere with an outdoor go-kart track and make a family affair of it. Even the little ones can join in behind the wheel! A quick internet search should turn up a few good kart tracks in your area; they’re really fun and becoming increasingly more popular all around.

  1. Make it Romantic

For you lovebirds out there, summer nights are going to start getting pretty cold. If you want to enjoy anymore romantic moments under the stars, times is running out. Look at the forecast and pick a nice clear night that you and your special someone can go out and enjoy one more night under the clear dark sky, lit only by the moon. If it’s already a little cold in your area and you need some new fall clothes, check out what Bloomingdale’s has to offer this season. They have a wide variety to cover all bases so no matter what, you should be alright.

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How to get the best Car leasing deals?

Category : Auto & Motor

You are having the option today to have the car on lease and that can be of any kind. All around the world car leasing deals are very much common and it is also giving the opportunity to the people to drive the car themselves to the destination they like to go. It is the way of funding the car to the private individual. It is very much beneficial to the people that are having lot of employees and for each the company has to pay the allowances for travelling. In this the person can drive the car of his own. There are numerous of people that are selecting the cheap car leasing packages. It is the best way of saving the bucks and also enjoys the drive. In this you are having two types of system and that are POCP (personal contract purchase) and PCH (personal contract hire).

Hiring the vehicle on lease have made the people to have the work done in very less amount and if you compare with the new car then you will find lot more difference and also the leasing car is beneficial that of the new car. If you buy a new car then it is obvious that you we apply for the loan and take out the new car on the road. The loan taken has to be given back and that also with the interest. If you will find the average of leasing amount per year and the amount that you will pay for the car in one year then you will find that leasing is the better option and the case that is for 3 years either for the leasing or buying a new car then the amount for hiring the car will be 50% of the new car.

PCH allows the people to hire the car for the lease of 2 to 5 years but maximum prefer for the 3 years because their warranties of the car are for the period of 3 years. Either it is PCP or PCH both are providing you the facilities that are making the customers comfortable and also both the contracts are very much flexible. On the internet you will find that there are numerous of sites that are providing both the option and you have the numerous of cars to have the selection from.

The Toyota, Mercedes, ford, Skoda, fiat, Ferrari and many more models that you have in this leasing option. You have the internet that will help you to compare the rates and also the vehicle that you like to select and have it for the 3 years. You are getting the option of taking the vehicle online which is the fastest way of hiring the vehicle. You can also see the sites that are providing the discount offers also. Going to the market and getting the information will waste the time and also the money and it is better to have this work done on the internet.


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Category : Auto Repair

Any individual who claims an automobile will one day be confronted with the errand of getting new auto tyres. Tyres don’t keep going forever and in the event that you permit them to wind up excessively worn you are infringing upon the law, as well as representing a genuine security danger to yourself as well as other people. Your automobile tyres will more often than not be checked when the time has come to enroll the auto; in the event that they are somewhat worn, however pass the investigation they may require supplanting before the following examination in twelve month’s opportunity. How would you tell if auto tyres are worn? It’s hard, elastic compound gives it great life span and typically includes a tread plan that adapts well to wet conditions while not making a lot of commotion. As an exchange off, all-season tyres don’t handle and in addition other tire sorts and don’t offer ideal levels of grasp or cornering execution. In any case, they are a down to earth decision appropriate to regular employments.

Firstly there won’t be much tread, or parts of the tread might be worn. The tread is the part of the tire that touches the street surface. In the event that the tread is worn the tire won’t have the capacity to grasp the street appropriately. This can prompt slips, water planning in wet conditions and poor braking. Furthermore there could be harm to the dividers of the tire. Lumps, parts and wear that uncover the inward surface of the tire all imply that another tire is required instantly.

When you get new auto tyres, you typically get the same kind as you as of now have on the auto, particularly if you purchased the auto new. Those tyres will have been fitted at the plant and ordinarily speak to a decent tire for general use. In any case, when you purchase a utilized auto, it is conceivable that the processing plant tyres were supplanted long back and you can’t make sure that comparative ones were bought. They could be spending tyres or maybe elite tyres, so it is advisable that you go in for Bridgestone car tyres.

It is astute to take counsel from the tire-fitters as they are prepared to comprehend what tyres are the best both in quality and in dependability. All tyres appear to be identical to the tenderfoot, so when you go to get new tyres and notice that some are truly much less expensive than others, you may well be enticed to get the less expensive ones.

In any case, you need to contemplate security and unwavering quality with regards to auto tyres. Other than which, less expensive tyres will destroy a great deal all the more rapidly and afterward you’ll have to get all the more, so over the long period they are not liable to be a decent arrangement. The more costly tyres are made of materials that last significantly more than the less expensive ones.


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Buy a Used Car with Up to Date Records to Save Loss

Category : Car


Are you planning to buy a used car? No doubt, it’s a wise decision to have a car without investing huge money. You can save a great amount of money by purchasing a used car. However, there are some risk factors as well. When you choose a car, used by others for a few months or for several years, you get no knowledge about its past. Would you prefer buying an old car without verifying its past or present condition? Obviously your answer will be no. Then what is the best way to follow to get history of the car? It is very simple. Just visit the website http://www.vincheckup.com/ and you will get the finest scope to attain history of your chosen car to buy. It’s the best way to be familiar with a used car’s history and getting the history making matured decision, whether you should buy or not the car will be easier to you.

Vehicle History Reports:

For attaining detailed and up to date information about a used car taking a look on the vehicle history report would be of great significance. The report concludes vivid description about the car from its date of purchase. In different parts of the report, facts such as date of purchasing, previous maintenance, accident history and salvage, loss, etc. are provided in detail. Therefore, to be familiar with the car that is used by others for a certain period; nothing could be as suitable as going through the vehicle history report of the car.

Make a Matured Decision:

The decision to buy a used car can be beneficial if you become capable of choosing a car in a better condition. If it isn’t in good condition due to its past then would you prefer buying the car? Therefore, attaining previous information about a used car will be your job of high priority at this juncture. What is reported by the insurance companies about the car? What are the existing problems in the car? These are some of the important concerns that you should have to know to make a matured decision for buying a used car. If you make the decision without verifying the past issues of the car, then it could lead you towards a great loss.

Vehicle Identification Number:

A potential buyer will intend to get details about the used car or other vehicles before buying it. For this reason, using the vehicle identification number will be of great importance. The VIN can help you getting proper information about the vehicle including its model, year of manufacturing, etc. By using the vehicle identification number you can attain detailed report about the vehicle online. So, it is easier to estimate that when you will use the vehicle identification number, you will get tailored information about the used car and this will help you making better decision for buying the car.

Vehicle history reports, vehicle identification number are the primary things that you should have to obtain to get detailed information about a used car that you want to buy.