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5 Winter car care tips for Mercedes owners

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Let us guess: you have finally gone ahead and made that important investment, and bought yourself the car you’ve always wanted – a Mercedes-Benz. Congratulations! Now, you’re probably wondering, what with winter fast approaching, and temperatures set to drop real low, how you’re going to keep your car in mint condition. Don’t worry, because that is exactly what we are here for. Here are five simple and essential tips and tricks to tide you and your Mercedes over this bone-chilling winter:

  1. Defrost Your Car

Winter is a difficult time for both the car and its driver, and it is important, during these few months, to ensure the safety of the vehicle as well as its passengers. The easiest way to ensure this is to drive at a slow, steady and careful pace, so as to prevent the tires from skidding on snow or slush, and thereby avoiding the possibility of an accident.

However, merely driving safe may not be enough. And since it is best not to take any risks in a season as treacherous and unreliable as winter, always remember to defrost your car completely before you take it out on a drive. Yes, this is an obvious tip – but perhaps too obvious, which is why this is a factor many car owners and drivers end up neglecting. Before you take your car out on the road, for however short or long a time, ensure that it has completely defrosted, and that visibility from your vehicle is at a hundred percent.

In order to ensure full visibility at all times, make sure to clean your headlights, windscreen, and windows regularly.

  1. Use Antifreeze

It is important in very cold weather to fill up your car’s cooling system with antifreeze. Make sure that this is a tip you do not neglect, because it is absolutely crucial to the safety and maintenance of your car in winter. This will ensure that the cooling system stays in perfect shape despite the drop in temperature, and other associated problems that winter brings with it.

Check up on the amount of antifreeze on a regular basis, and always keep the level topped up. This will not just prevent the cooling system from freezing over and keep it in perfect condition for warmer weather, when you will need it to function smoothly, but it will also keep complications arising from this single problem at bay.

  1. Use Genuine Winter Tires and Wheels

The best way to keep your car tires functioning at their full capacity in winter is to use genuine winter Mercedes wheels from Mercedes-Benz. Usually, car tires begin to harden at about 7 degrees Celsius, so winter tires are designed in such a manner as to withstand even the worst temperatures.

To ensure maximum safety in hazardous winter conditions, including torrential rain, snow, and ice, switch to Winter Tires and Wheels. These tires are made using a special natural rubber compound that remains soft and elastic in even the most difficult weather conditions, allowing them to grip the road better and shorten braking distances in low temperatures. In addition, they feature a tread system of wide grooves, which are designed for the express purpose of providing better traction in the sludge and slush of winter roads.

It is important, also, to get your tires regularly checked by experts – especially, it goes without saying, if at any time you suspect that they might not be functioning to their full capacity.

  1. Test the Battery

Winter takes a toll on all parts of your Mercedes – and the battery is no exception. During winter, your car’s battery can lose a significant percentage of its power due to the pressure created on it by frost and low temperatures. In order to maintain full power and ensure good battery performance, check it on a regular basis. And most importantly, keep it adequately charged and well-maintained.

This will reduce your problems by half, because if your batter or engine is running smoothly, you can rest assured that your car will function well on the whole. And maintaining this one thing properly and with regularity will allow you to focus your energies on keeping all the other important aspects of your car well-balanced as well.

  1. Schedule a Tune-Up

This is perhaps the most important point to keep in mind as winter approaches. Before the cold and frost sets in, schedule a tune-up for your car with your local, reliable Mercedes-Benz experts. This will not only serve as a much-needed regular check up for your vehicle, but, more importantly, it will ensure that your car is in pristine condition for winter, both internally and externally.

Why let the winter take down your Merc’s performance? With the help of these tips, you can ensure that your car looks perfect and works smoothly this winter. Try them out this season, and see the difference they make.


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Truck Driver Safety Tips

Category : Auto Repair

Every driver, from commercial long and short distance drivers to owner-operators , could use a little help staying out of harm’s way while on the road.  When you’re out making your deliveries and hauling your loads, consider the following safety tips.

  • Do not tailgate under any condition. It can be frustrating to get stuck behind a slow driver, but tailgating just opens you up to an accident.
  • Signal early for turns so motorists have time to react and change lanes if need be. Same goes for lane changes; make sure people have time to get out of the way.
  • With so many blind spots on big semi-trucks, check your side mirrors often and do not change lanes unnecessarily.
  • Give your truck ample time and space when slowing down for a complete stop. Use brake lights early.
  • If you must idle the truck, open the windows so fresh air can get in the cab and fumes do not build up.
  • When pulled over on the road because of mechanical problems, always use your safety flashers, reflective triangles, and or flares to alert approaching vehicles of your location.
  • Keep your fuel tank as full as possible so condensation does not build in the tank during extreme temperatures.
  • Maintain safe distances between other vehicles on the road at all times, and allow for extra room when driving in rain or snow.
  • Slow down in work zones and be extra cautious. Almost a third of all accidents involving semi-trucks involve a construction or road work area in some way.
  • Take plenty of driving breaks, take power naps as needed, and never drive if you are tired.

Strictly adhere to the limitations on driver hours. By law you cannot exceed 11 continuous hours of driving.  Violating this law could end your trucking career immediately.

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Category : Auto Repair

Any individual who claims an automobile will one day be confronted with the errand of getting new auto tyres. Tyres don’t keep going forever and in the event that you permit them to wind up excessively worn you are infringing upon the law, as well as representing a genuine security danger to yourself as well as other people. Your automobile tyres will more often than not be checked when the time has come to enroll the auto; in the event that they are somewhat worn, however pass the investigation they may require supplanting before the following examination in twelve month’s opportunity. How would you tell if auto tyres are worn? It’s hard, elastic compound gives it great life span and typically includes a tread plan that adapts well to wet conditions while not making a lot of commotion. As an exchange off, all-season tyres don’t handle and in addition other tire sorts and don’t offer ideal levels of grasp or cornering execution. In any case, they are a down to earth decision appropriate to regular employments.

Firstly there won’t be much tread, or parts of the tread might be worn. The tread is the part of the tire that touches the street surface. In the event that the tread is worn the tire won’t have the capacity to grasp the street appropriately. This can prompt slips, water planning in wet conditions and poor braking. Furthermore there could be harm to the dividers of the tire. Lumps, parts and wear that uncover the inward surface of the tire all imply that another tire is required instantly.

When you get new auto tyres, you typically get the same kind as you as of now have on the auto, particularly if you purchased the auto new. Those tyres will have been fitted at the plant and ordinarily speak to a decent tire for general use. In any case, when you purchase a utilized auto, it is conceivable that the processing plant tyres were supplanted long back and you can’t make sure that comparative ones were bought. They could be spending tyres or maybe elite tyres, so it is advisable that you go in for Bridgestone car tyres.

It is astute to take counsel from the tire-fitters as they are prepared to comprehend what tyres are the best both in quality and in dependability. All tyres appear to be identical to the tenderfoot, so when you go to get new tyres and notice that some are truly much less expensive than others, you may well be enticed to get the less expensive ones.

In any case, you need to contemplate security and unwavering quality with regards to auto tyres. Other than which, less expensive tyres will destroy a great deal all the more rapidly and afterward you’ll have to get all the more, so over the long period they are not liable to be a decent arrangement. The more costly tyres are made of materials that last significantly more than the less expensive ones.


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Tips to consider when looking for Jeep Wagoneer for Sale

Category : Auto Repair

Want to own a car that is comfortable, spacious and looks attractive too? Well, there should be one and only one answer that should cross your mind and that’s the Jeep Wagoneer. It may not be what a mind might think of at first when buying a car, but if someone wants to buy jeep wagoner for sale to last them in the long run and is sturdy and strong, this is the one.

What to look for?

The first thought when buying cars online is the reliability and authenticity. While buying cars from a store close to your house might seem like the better option to do, scanning online for the same gives you more wide spread search results with varying prices.

  • When buying a Jeep Wagoneer, the first thing to be seen is the durability and how long back the car was bought if the dealership being made is second hand and not buying a brand new car.
  • The engine must be the second concern. A car’s efficiency is decided upon by how good the engine is working.
  • The accessory overview about the car’s exterior and interior is what comes next.

The above mentioned points were basically if the Jeep Wagoneer is not brand new and is being bought second hand from the buyer, but if the dealership is of a new car, the features, be it exterior and interior is expected to be at its finest.


Where to look at?

When you have car dealership outlets in every other part of the town, buying Jeep Wagoneer from there might seem like the best option but buying and searching through the same options online is that bad of an idea either. While buying Jeep Wagoneer might seem like a hassle online, the widespread amount of search results with negotiable and affordable prices is a great alternative.

Many reliable websites garner the title of being a great dealership in areas specific. Jeep Wagoneer is a car that’s readily available, be it for sale for buying or to put the same on leash. With the latest model to be launched in 2018, Jeep Wagoneer and Jeep Cherokee is set to maybe, well, technically might see a downfall , given the fact that the latest model is rumoured to come with new improved features , both in perspective of looks and features, with more powerful engine and more spacious interior.

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Auto body service for complete maintenance  

Category : Auto Repair

In this fast pacing life, automobiles and transportation services are helping us lot to perform our job in comfortable manner.  Vehicles helping us to reach any place on time in comfort manner. By the use of four wheelers many members can travel at a time to their expected place in luxurious way. This happens by the development of technology in mechanical engineering every year new automobiles are introduced in the market ranging from cheaper ones to royal ones. It supports you great work as it helps you to perform your job.  New models cars are introduced in the automobile industry each have different features. Based on the cost of vehicle its features will vary in the market so people can able to buy their suitable model based on budget.

Automobiles doest end only with purchasing, it was made of many gears and electronic parts that work together to give you speed and efficiency. Parts included in the automobile will get issues often because of over speed, wear and tear and sudden accidents. It has to be maintained and serviced properly for every period to obtain good performance. If the vehicles are not maintained effectively then you cannot experience a great speed while riding. Acceleration, brake and clutch are the important operations done to maintain the manual control of the car they are vital things to be noted while driving a car. If any of the operations doesn’t work properly then you might not able to drive smoothly on road. Sometimes accidents may happen because of faults in the engine system and function controls.

Services for automobile repairs

Cars have to be checked regularly after every periodical time that promotes you to work perfectly. Find effective repair and maintenance shop who is expert in dealing the mechanical parts, gear, interior parts of the automobiles. Many service companies are working who know to repair and find out the faults in popular brand cars. If you have any doubts then get their assistance to rectify the issues on time. There are so many companies that are working professionally they provide standard operation in servicing all type of cars. The functions of each model might vary, only experts know to fix the issues properly.

Even though we put lot of care in maintaining the automobile repair works are unavoidable it may occur because of wear and tear of mechanical parts. While experiencing any issues or when the service period arrives service your automobile for complete maintenance. If proper care is not provided then soon its speed, mileage will decrease and you cannot experience in the comfort while travelling. Auto Body Shop San Diego is an established auto body shop who is expert in repairing all brands of cars professionally. They are best in providing for the several services regarding the automobile maintenance. Auto repair, auto body repair, wheel alignment, window thinning, classic car restoration, car wash and auto detailing are the affordable services provided by them. Book the service time through online so they can complete the work on time and deliver your automobile in mentioned date. To know more about their services visit their official web site for more benefits.

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History of Anti-Lock Braking Systems

Category : Auto Repair

Sir Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion states, and I am paraphrasing, that objects in motion tend to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.  On Earth, the two main forces that act upon motion are gravity and friction.  Gravity, of course, prevents things from floating off the surface of our planet.  Friction, though, is what slows movement to a stop.

And you are probably most aware of the force of friction in the form of your car’s braking system.  Of course, brakes were in use on trains and even wagons before the invention of the automobile.


Obviously, then, Brake Parts are important.  When automobiles were first invented, they didn’t go very fast, so braking systems did not need to be that complex.  As we developed more machines—faster and heavier cars and trucks, and even planes—the need for better braking systems grew.  After the industrial revolution, cars needed better stopping power.

Early braking systems, basically, just stopped the wheels from moving. When moving at slower speeds, this can be quite effective. However, vehicles moving at faster speeds would suffer loss of traction with a braking system that simply “locks” the wheels. This could result in wheels slipping and sliding along the road surface, almost like on ice.


Indeed, more powerful vehicles—including not only faster cars, but also airplanes—would require a braking system that would allow the wheels to continue moving but apply friction to reduce their speed over time.  Thus, the anti-lock braking system (ABS) was born.

Anti-lock brakes were actually invented in 1929 by a French automobile and aircraft pioneer, Gabriel Voisin; the first ABS was designed for aircraft.  It utilized a flywheel and valve attached to a single hydraulic line feeding directly into the brake cylinders.  The flywheel, of course, is also attached to a drum that runs at a parallel speed with the wheel.

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Find what you’re looking for will a Cornwall used car dealer

Category : Auto Repair

In order to buy the best quality second-hand vehicle, you need to make sure that you are looking in the right place when it comes to the dealer. This might sound like something of a laborious task, but it doesn’t have to be.

Used car dealers in Cornwall are well-respected and you will not regret the decision to use one in this area. If you have had any doubts about buying a car then they will put your mind at ease.

What you can find in this location

You may still be dubious about what exactly dealers in Cornwall can offer you, but rest assured that the car dealers here have extensive knowledge when it comes to the motor trade and have years worth of experience that will help you find a vehicle that you deem worthy.

The great thing about car dealers in this area is that they have very high standards, so there’s no need for you to worry that you might somehow get something that is substandard.

When it comes to the facilities, you can be certain that car dealers in Cornwall make sure that their used vehicles are well-stocked, so you should be able to find a second-hand car that fits any specific requirement that you might have.

There’s so many options

By using Cornwall as a place to find a used car, you will be guaranteeing yourself quality and there’s nothing better than feeling such assurance when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. There’s no denying that it can be scary, but this shouldn’t be the case with the right location.

As long as you make sure to do your research beforehand, there’s no reason why used car dealers in Cornwall shouldn’t be able to find you the perfect vehicle. They will have a range of makes and models available and will stick to your desired price range.

Don’t delay in checking out Cornwall because the used car dealers there really are unique and will give you the best choices when it comes to your automobile.


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Where To Get Parts For Your Toyota

Category : Auto Repair

A low quality part can hamper the efficiency, performance, and productivity of your vehicle. That’s why it becomes very important to get right auto part for your vehicle. The method can be a tricky one and requires meticulous approach and due care to get the right and genuine parts installed on your vehicle.

In this article we will give you some tips that will prove to be helpful in simplifying the task.

Perform regular maintenance of your vehicle

Maintenance activities mainly involve inspection or replacement of automobile parts such as spark plugs, wires, and timing belts. This ensures that all the major parts are in best order that helps a vehicle to run efficiently and safely.

Authorized automobile center like Toyota Service makes sure that all the parts that are currently installed or replaced by new ones, are completely genuine, top quality, and authorized.

Learn to choose your ideal auto parts

Before buying an auto part, it is important to know the service that you desire. Whether you want better performance, or stunning style, you need to obtain and install parts based on the requirement.  So deciding the aspect of your vehicle you wish to enhance would greatly help in shortlisting the different types of parts available.

Now from those parts, to find the ideal part, you need to open your owner’s manual and see which one of these parts will suit based to the specification of your vehicle.  So your work here is to find out an auto part that is compatible to your vehicle and delivers best performance under those specifications.

Shop for an affordable auto part

Once you have arrived to a decision of which part you are going to purchase, choosing the most affordable one out of them is another big challenge. Many local automobile stores offer cheap or low grade auto parts at a very low price. This entices customers and they fall prey into their faulty schemes. It is advisable to go only for legitimate and trusted sellers when choosing an auto part.

A particular auto part is available in the market in different prices, brands etc. All you require to do is to compare and shop for your perfect auto parts from branded and reputed dealer stores. Houston offers a series of reliable, authorized, and recognized automobile service centers to offer best in class service to their customers.

Toyota service Houston helps in taking orders of your selected auto parts for a very economical price. Not only they take order for the auto parts but also help them shipped to your place easily. The technical professionals at this service center would come to your home and install them as well as ensure its proper functioning.

Irrespective of how well you maintain and take care for your vehicle and how amazing your vehicle was when you first purchased it, all vehicles over time begins to exhibit signs of damages, wear and tear. Thus it becomes very significant to preserve and protect the health of your vehicle by installing best quality auto parts at time of replacements, repairs, or upgrades.

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Auto Glass Milton – Windshield Replacement & Repair

Category : Auto Repair

5 Reasons to Choose Us

Ø  Free portable auto glass in Milton. We come to you at no additional cost and supplant your windshield.

Ø  We convey all makes and models of auto glass and windshields in our auto glass shop.

Ø  We promise to give you the most minimal windshield and auto glass substitution costs in Milton Ontario.

Ø  Milton Auto Glass pays your deductible and we manage your insurance agency.

Ø  All auto glass substitution is went down by a Lifetime Warranty.

All Makes and Models of Auto Glass in Stock – Same Day Service conveys all makes and models of auto glass in our auto glass shop. This implies you will pay lower costs and get much quicker auto glass substitution and repair administration.

We Carry Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Glass or Aftermarket Auto Glass convey windshields and auto glass for the accompanying vehicle makes: Honda, BMW, Lexus, Toyota, Mazda, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Acura, Hummer, Jaguar, Nissan, Audi, Buick, Cadillac, Chevy, Dodge, Chrysler, Ford, Land Rover, Frietghliner truck, GMC, Hino, Saab, Hyundai, Infinity, Isuzu, Jeep, Suzuki, Kia, Saturn, Lincoln, Mercury, Mini Cooper, Mitsubishi, Navistar, Peterbilt, Pontiac, Porsche, Scion, Smart, Subaru, VW auto glass, Westrenstar, Volkswagen and BMW auto glass.

With our free versatile auto glass administration you don’t need to drive your vehicle to our auto glass shop, we go to your premises in Milton at no additional expense. This implies you spare time, gas cash and you don’t need to change your wellbeing to drive to our auto glass shop.

Intriguing Statistics about Milton Ontario Canada

Starting 2011 the town of Milton Ontario has developed in populace by 56.5% since 2006. Milton is positioned as the 29th biggest city by populace in Ontario and 62nd biggest in Canada.

Moreover there has been a 49.6% expansion in the quantity of private abodes in Milton since 2006.

This development showed that Milton is becoming quickly and is turning into an incredible town that is much bigger today than it was 5 years back. Milton Auto Glass is glad to be a piece of this awesome group. Source

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Calgary repairs

Category : Auto Repair

For front end car repairs in Calgary, radiator repair in Calgary, bumper repair, engine repair, or other specialized services, you need to turn to the best local auto repair shop in the area. From having the best certified licensed techs who will be doing the work on your car, to having new car lifts, equipment, and computer technologies to render the repair services, as a driver, when you are in need of these, or other repair services, you want to know your car is being serviced by the best techs, and the best and latest industry equipment and tools, as well. So, when the time comes for you to decide where to go for your auto repair needs, you need to rely on local referrals, the use of online reviews, as well as forum sites, which are all good ways to gauge where you should go for repair work. Further, in using online sites, as well as local referrals, you can find the shops which are going to specialize in the type of front end car repairs in Calgary, the transmission jobs, or the radiator repair service in Calgary that you need to have done on your car. With many service shops, it can be tough for you to find the right one on your own, so rely on the reviews and referrals to help point you in the right direction.
radiator repair
Local referrals are a great way to learn about which shops are going to do the repair job well. Not only the shops which have the top service team in place, but those which are using the newest equipment, the latest repair methods, and are fully specialized in a particular type of repair work, as well. Online referrals and reviews can also give you a better idea as to what you can expect when you are looking for a top repair shop. From the work the techs are going to perform, to the time it is going to take for them to finish the job, to the price it is going to end up costing you for the repair work, you can find out as much as you need to know, and all you want to learn about local repair shops, so you choose the best one to take your car in to for the repair service needs it has.

With many repair shops, service teams, and fully certified techs in the Calgary area, taking your time to find the shops which are most qualified can be time consuming. But if you rely on the online review sites, as well as local referrals, you can get a better idea as to which shops to consider, and which ones are most qualified for repair jobs in a reasonable amount of time. And, you will find those shops which not only specialize, but fully guarantee all repair work they are going to perform on your car, so you know all services are done to the highest quality standard possible when you visit that repair shop.